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Premium services at «Otrada» Hotel: a sauna in the center of Odessa

Want to make a break in a busy schedule, relax, usefully spend time relaxing – visit Finnish sauna.

No one will bother you! Make a reservation and enjoy the comfort in Odessa – the sauna is individual, accommodates up to 6 guests.


Finnish sauna has a positive effect on а health

  • The combination of temperature and humidity activates blood circulation, metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, saturates all tissues with oxygen. Light, soft steam envelopes, gives a feeling of comfort.
  • Rapid heating of the body ensures effective removal of toxins from the pores of the skin, improves its tone, which also gives a healthy, cosmetic effect. After visiting the sauna, the skin becomes smoother, tender, acquires an even of more beautiful color.
  • Beneficial effect on the condition of the musculoskeletal system, the condition of the joints and the central nervous system. Even 1 hour spent in the sauna, gives a tangible result – the pain decreases or disappears, the mobility of the joints improves.
  • The Finnish sauna is a traditional way to get rid of the effects of stress for the residents of a big city, to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and immune systems. People, who regularly visit the sauna, are less likely to suffer from colds, feel better, and note an increase in efficiency and emotional recovery. This effect explains the fact of sauna popularity in Odessa.
  • Contrast temperatures are an excellent training for vessels, and it’s so nice to dive into the cool water of the pool after a wet steam.


The main mistake made by unsophisticated visitors is to do everything in a hurry. Massage is the best continuation of the relaxation session. Hotel «Otrada» (Odessa) offers to order massages: classic, Thai, relax, general, sports. The price of the session is from 650 UAH, lasting 1-2 hours.

For guests there is a relaxation area and a small swimming pool with hydromassage. And if you come to the sauna a little bit hungry, order light snacks or a salad. All dishes from menu of the restaurant  «Otrada» with European and Ukrainian cuisine are available for visitors.


Enjoy relaxation in Odessa

Sauna in the seaside area of Odessa is available not only for the guests of «Otrada», but also for all comers. Call to place an order. The cost of the service is 500 UAH / hour, the minimum order is 2 hours.